Monday, May 5, 2008

LA LA land


We went to the Scientology-run Psychiatry museum, which was more ludicrous than I could have ever dreamed. Of course we already knew that all psychiatrists are child-rapists and eugenicists, but I was amazed by the grande finale: 9-11 was the result of the perverse society that psychiatrists had dreamed up.

Kill the Wabbit

Well, it never was my intention to write much on this blog, but the story behind this set is too traumatizing to pass up.

We were coming to the end of a pretty long hike, and the sun was going down when Audrey sighted a giant Antelope Jackrabbit eating horse poo in the middle of the trail just ahead of us. I know it's hard to tell from the photos, but this was a monster. It was like a spindly legged dog with a heavy face. Unfortunately I couldn't get a picture of it standing up, because otherwise you can't see why they call it an antelope.

Anyways we started taking some pictures of this impressive specimen chomping on horse crap, and inched closer hoping to get some better photos without scaring it off. Looking back, I really realize how distorted our concept of reality was. We got closer and closer, and finally I laughed, "Ok, let's just scare it away!" That's when the rabbit got up and jumped towards me, and I jumped back 10 feet. This rabbit was not about to let some yankee tourist get in the way of it and its fecal bonanza. So there we were, being stared down by a god damned bunny. After a brief but tense battle of the wills, we carefully found a route off the trail, giving the beast a wide berth. It monitored us closely until we got back on the trail and continued on.

Saguaro National Park

Start Again

So, le far west has been on hiatus because of the untimely demise of my laptop. Ol' lappy was already starting its death throes in Michigan, but I thought it would hold out a bit longer, and I was even trusting enough to put 300 photos on it which are now probably lost forever. But never fear - I have like 1000 more to choose from, the best of which will be featured in le far west. Thanks again to the hundreds of emails giving support and encouragement. YOU, the readers, are what make le far west a special place.


-Le Far West team