Tuesday, January 31, 2012

French Potato Chips

The 'Marine' chips actually taste like oysters to me. The salted caramel chips disgusted me at first, but I still finished the whole bag.

Neige en Provence

I love how 2 inches of snow will bring everything to a screeching halt in France.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Me an' Audrey took a trip up to the Drôme. Something about changing the scenery a bit. Maybe getting some cleaner air.

The air is cleaner, and colder. We ended up doing everything (eating, sleeping, levitating) in one room since getting other parts of the house warm proved impractical, given our aging fleet of electric heaters.

Local delicacies include extremely salty sausage, ravioles (the French version of raviolis: they're more refined, more delicate, have more butter, are snobbier), and snails. Eight dozen snails will set you back 20 euros.

I'm trying to play the guitar better. Chicks dig that. My abused left fingers feel weird hitting the keyboard.