Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Self medicate!

I was all excited and stressed out this morning because I had an appointment with a mental health professional: someone to whom I could say anything, and from whom I could hopefully get some intelligent advice (and/or drugs). 

Well I took the packed Division bus downtown and found the Water's Building in the arctic face-burning wind only to find out that Dr. Fuller does not participate in the Blue Care Network, but in Blue Cross Blue Shield (I thought they were the same... the logos are identical.), and would I want to pay 185 dollars?  Eventually they said I could get a session with Dr. Vanderbeck at 4pm, and I agreed.  I sat down and picked up a National Geographic, but then I realized I should do some research on this Vanderbeck character, if that is his real name.  My worst fears were realized... Hope College... Christian Camp bladibla... specializes in sexual abuse.  Cancel'd!

So I went back into the cold.  I passed the arena which is surrounded by WWE coaches, and dozens of semis filled with equipment.  I saw the Hopcat Bar, and, determined to get therapy of any kind, went in.