Sunday, October 10, 2010

New York? More like Hasidic York!

Me and Audrey are in Brooklyn. After being here nearly a month, I have a job (I start tomorrow) and we should be in our new tiny apartment sometime this week. Things are working out as close to perfectly as I dared imagine.

I'm going to work as some sort of office worker/administrative assistant/manager for a tourism agency in Times Square. I have no idea what my responsibilities will be quite honestly. The entire staff is francophone and the majority of their customers are French. Their specialty is the Harlem tour (soul food and baptist churches) but they hook people up with basically every other touristy thing you can imagine to do in New York. Though I applied for a simple customer service job, the president decided to try me out for what appears to be the #3 position in the company. That means I'll have authority over all the customer service losers. I already feel drunk with power.

I'm staying in Nate's room at the moment. He and his roommate, Dan, have been ever so kind during our transitional period. Dan is a professional photographer (the last image of this post was created by him).

For my birthday we went to Nate's book signing at the coolest comic book shop in the world in Williamsburg, and then had pizza and beer!